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Review Tests

Periodically we will present a review test that will be related to different aspects of diagnostic medical parasitology. Topics will include: organism identification, test ordering, test coding, method selection, technical problem-solving, test result reporting, and client consultations.

Each test will have multiple choice format: the questions will reflect the principles taught in the quizzes which are presented each month.

The content within this site is made possible through the extensive contribution of Lynne S. Garcia, M.S., MT(ASCP), CLS(NCA), BLM(AAB), F(AAM), Director, Consultantation and Training Services (Diagnostic Medical Parasitology and Health Care Administration). For additional information, she can be contacted at LynneGarcia2@verizon.net.

Reference: Garcia, L.S. 2015. Diagnostic Medical Parasitology, 6th Ed., ASM Press, Washington, D.C.

Review Test 1 - Methods

Review Test 2 - Protozoa

Review Test 3 - Bloods

Review Test 4 - Helminths

Review Test 5 - Image Review: Permanent Stains

Review Test 6 - Image Review: Wet Mounts

Review Test 7 - Image Review: Blood Parasites

Review Test 8 - Image Review: Helminths

General Parasitology Test 1