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Total-Fix® patent #8,338,130:
No Mercury, No Formalin, No PVA. Total-Fix preserved specimens are compatible for: permanent stain (Trichrome), concentration/iodine wet mounts, DFA and antigen assays for both Giardia and Cryptosporidium, also an excellent DNA/RNA preservative for stool pathogen assays.
Modified (Cu) PVA Fixative:
Copper sulfate PVA is used for permanent staining. The copper sulfate replaces mercuric chloride.
10% Formalin:
Fixative recommended for preservation of fecal material used in concentration, EIA, ELISA, IFA, DFA and wet mount procedures.
Clean Vial:
30 mL vial with spork in cap used when preservatives are not required.
Mercury and formaldehyde free fixative for direct examination, permanent staining, concentration and DFA procedures. Can be used with trichrome and iron hematoxylin stains. Compatible with all of Medical Chemical Corporation's fecal concentration systems.
(Zinc Sulfate PVA) Mercury free fixative developed by Medical Chemical Corporation. An excellent alternative to mercuric chloride PVA for permanent staining.
SAF Fixative:
(Sodium Acetate Acetic Acid Formalin) Mercury free fixative recommended for permanent staining, concentration, EIA, and ELISA procedures. Albumin adhesive is included.
PVA Fixative:
(Low viscosity poly vinyl alcohol) "Gold standard" fixative recommended for permanent staining.
C & S Medium (modified Cary Blair):
Culture & Sensitivity Medium is recommended for the recovery of Shigella, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Vibrio, and E. Coli 0157. A pH indicator is included to detect acidic conditions which are harmful for the recovery of enteric pathogens.