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Since 1954
We are a Manufacturer and a Distributor of Laboratory Reagents, Stains and Disinfectants for the Medical, Dental and Veterinary Industries.

MEDICAL CHEMICAL CORPORATION (MCC or MED-CHEM) was started in 1954 by Dr. Irving Schwartz a Pharmacist in Santa Monica, California as a manufacturer of non-prescription drugs and laboratory reagents.

Over 40 years ago, we formulated WAVICIDE-01®, the only pre activated and ready to use 2.65% Glutaraldehyde high level disinfectant / sterilant with a reuse of up to 30 days.

Over the years, MCC has grown steadily to a nationwide company with well-known business partners and supplier to worldwide foreign distributors by offering a wider selection of high-quality products, prompt delivery as well as first rate customer service and technical assistance. We offer a wide range of in-vitro diagnostics reagents, diagnostics stains, fixatives, and prefilled biopsy containers.

MCC was the first to offer ZINC PVA transport vial a 2 vials Mercury Free Zinc based transport vial. A few years later, we offered TOTAL FIX, a patented single vial system still unmatched to this day.

MCC also offers infection control products such as disinfectants, soaps and cold sterilant germicides for endoscopy, as well as various alcohols and other products used in Medical, Dental and Veterinary applications. We are also a manufacturer of OEM and special-order items for custom applications. If you have a particular requirement or a special need, please contact us for technical assistance and a quote.

Based in Torrance California, MCC provides daily local delivery services to most hospitals and laboratories in the Los Angeles area at competitive rates. 

In an ever-changing world, and for 69 years, MCC has maintained its commitment to quality and customer service unmatched by our competitors. 

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MCC provides a wide range of medical chemical solutions to meet your specific application.

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