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Medical Chemical Corporation is proud to offer WAVICIDE®-01, our glutaraldehyde-based sterilant that is the only one of its kind on the market today.

WAVICIDE-01® The original Pre-Activated and Ready to Use 2.65% glutaraldehyde solution we formulated over 40 years ago. 

WAVICIDE-01® has a pH of 6.3 and is very stable and non-corrosive with stainless steel.

WAVICIDE-01® is still today the safest and most cost-effective high-level disinfectant / cold sterilant soaking solution on the market for reprocessing endoscopes and surgical instruments which cannot be sterilized using ethylene oxide or heat. 

WAVICIDE-01® does not contain the suspected carcinogen ortho-phenyl phenol. 

WAVICIDE-01® has a reuse of up to 30 days when monitoring the glutaraldehyde concentration with the WAVICIDE-01® Test Strips and it combines the efficacy of a 14-day solution.

WAVICIDE-01® is the product of choice for your high-level disinfection and sterilization needs. 

WAVICIDE-01® is a mild fresh scented replacement for those other unpleasant pungent smelling brands.

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