WAVIZYME® and MEDIZIME®LF are enzymatic cleaners used by medical and dental professionals nationwide.

WAVIZYME® is a combination of enzymes and detergents, formulated to safely eliminate proteinaceous contamination and solubilize lipids on flexible optic scopes, surgical instruments and laundry.

MEDIZIME®LF provides the same cleaning power with the added benefit of low foam detergents. This facilitates lower suds production in automatic cleaning devices.

The use of enzymatic cleaners, like WAVIZYME® and MEDIZIME®LF, by infection control and gastroenterology professionals is a critical step in instrument decontamination. The utilization of these products prior to sterilization or high level disinfection with a 2.5% glutaraldehyde solution (WAVICIDE-01®) greatly increases the effectiveness of the germicide.

Saves Time: WAVIZYME® and MEDIZYME®LF once diluted, need only 2-3 minutes contact time for fiberoptic instrumentation.

Easy to use: WAVIZYME® and MEDIZYME®LF are packaged in gallon containers with an accurate 1 oz. pump dispenser or a single-use 1 oz.pouch.

Cost Efficient: WAVIZYME® and MEDIZYME®LF are concentrated yet mild in pH.

Enironmentally Safe: WAVIZYME® and MEDIZYME®LF are 100% biodegradeable and phosphate free. These solutions are gentle on the environment.


3304 (Wavizyme) 1 oz. SDS
3312 1 qt. SDS
3304LF (Medizime LF) 1 gal. SDS