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Gram Stain Kits

Gram Stain Kit

Kit includes one 8 oz. bottle of each of the following:

  • Crystal Violet
  • Gram’s Iodine
  • Decolorizer
  • Safranin

Gram Stain Kit-Stabilized

Kit includes one 8 oz. bottle of each of the following:

  • Crystal Violet
  • Gram’s Iodine-Stabilized
  • Decolorizer
  • Safranin
Product #DescriptionPackagingDatasheet
Gram Stain Kits:
605A-8ozStabilized Gram Iodine8 oz.SDS
605A-16ozStabilized Gram Iodine16 oz.SDS
607K-8ozGrams Stain Kit. (kit includes one 8oz. bottle of the following; crystal violet, grams iodine, decolorizer, safranin)4 x 8 oz. bottlesSDS
607K-SI-8ozGrams Stain Kit (stabilized iodine)4 x 8 oz. bottlesSDS
Replacement Reagents:
305A-8ozGrams Decolorizer, 50/508 oz.SDS
305A-16ozGrams Decolorizer, 50/5016 oz.SDS
305A-1glGrams Decolorizer, 50/501 gal.SDS
435A-4botBasic Fuchsin (counterstain)4 x 8 oz bottlesSDS
435A-4x16ozBasic Fuchsin (counterstain)4 x 16 oz bottlesSDS
435A-4x32ozBasic Fuchsin (counterstain)4 x 32 oz bottlesSDS
435A-1glBasic Fuchsin (counterstain)1 gal bottleSDS
512A-4botCrystal Violet4 x 8 oz bottlesSDS
512A-4x16ozCrystal Violet4 x 16 oz bottlesSDS
512A-4x32ozCrystal Violet4 x 32 oz bottlesSDS
512A-1glCrystal Violet1 gal bottleSDS
304A-4botGram's Decolorizer 75/254 x 8 oz bottlesSDS
304A-4x16ozGram's Decolorizer 75/254 x 16 oz bottlesSDS
304A-4x32ozGram's Decolorizer 75/254 x 32 oz bottlesSDS
304A-1glGram's Decolorizer 75/251 gal bottleSDS
604A-4botGram's Iodine4 x 8 oz bottlesSDS
604A-4x16ozGram's Iodine4 x 16 oz bottlesSDS
604A-4x32ozGram's Iodine4 x 32 oz bottlesSDS
604A-1glGram's Iodine1 gal bottleSDS
7965A-4botSafranin O4 x 8 oz bottlesSDS
7965A-4x16ozSafranin O4 x 16 oz bottlesSDS
7965A-4x32ozSafranin O4 x 32 oz bottlesSDS
7965A-1glSafranin O1 gal bottleSDS