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Cytology Stains & Reagents

Product #DescriptionPackagingSDS
954A-1glEA stain, Gill's1 gal.SDS
544A-16ozEA-50 stain16 oz.SDS
544A-1glEA-50 stain1 gal.SDS
545A-16ozEA-65 stain16 oz.SDS
545A-1glEA-65 stain1 gal.SDS
950A-16ozHematoxylin, Gill's #116 oz.SDS
950A-1glHematoxylin, Gill's #11 gal.SDS
951A-16ozHematoxylin, Gill's #216 oz.SDS
951A-1glHematoxylin, Gill's #21 gal.SDS
952A-16ozHematoxylin, Gill's #316 oz.SDS
952A-1glHematoxylin, Gill's #31 gal.SDS
617A-16ozHematoxylin, Harris16 oz.SDS
617A-1glHematoxylin, Harris1 gal.SDS
618A-16ozHematoxylin, Harris (mercury free)16 oz.SDS
618A-1glHematoxylin, Harris (mercury free)1 gal.SDS
6194A-16ozHematoxylin, Mayer's16 oz.SDS
6194A-1glHematoxylin, Mayer's1 gal.SDS
6198A-16ozHematoxylin, Mayer’s (modified)16 oz.SDS
6198A-32ozHematoxylin, Mayer’s (modified)32 oz.SDS
6600A-16ozMay Gruenwald stain16 oz.SDS
659A-32ozMay Gruenwald buffer32 oz.SDS
696A-1glOG-6 stain1 gal.SDS
953A-1glOG-6 stain, Gill's1 gal.SDS
1101A-1glScott's tap water substitute1 gal.SDS
Wright's Stain Kit-Rapid
301-16ozWright's Dip Stat fixative16 oz.SDS
301-1glWright's Dip Stat fixative1 gal.SDS
302-16ozWright's Dip Stat #2 (eosinate stain)16 oz.SDS
302-1glWright's Dip Stat #2 (eosinate stain)1 gal.SDS
303-16ozWright's Dip Stat #3 (polychrome stain)16 oz.SDS
303-1glWright's Dip Stat #3 (polychrome stain)1 gal.SDS
Cytology Reagents
930E-1glHemo-De (xylene substitute)1 gal.SDS
9350A-1glMed Chem Clearant (Xylene Substitute)1 gal.SDS
134B-1glXylene1 gal.SDS
Cytology Fixatives
7940A-1gl Saccomanno Fluid 1 gal.SDS
7940A-30/60 30ml Saccomanno Fluid in 60ml jar Case 50 30mlSDS
3719A-5-slide Holder Case 95% alcohol in 5 slide holder Case 1005 slide holder Case 100SDS
3719A-90ml Case 90ml of 95% Alcohol in specimem jars Case 10090mlSDS
3719A-65ml 65ml of 95% Alcohol in specimen jars Case 10065mlSDS