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Parasitology Reagents

Trichrome Stain:
(Wheatley’s modification)

Trichrome Blue Stain:
Ryan modification of the Weber Trichrome Stain. Used to detect microsporidia in stool material, body fluids and urine specimens

Iron Hematoxylin Stain Reagents:
Staining reagents recommended for staining SAF preserved materials.

Product #DescriptionPackagingSDS Datasheet
628A-16ozD'Antoni Iodine16 oz.SDS
4992-16ozEthyl Acetate16 oz.SDS
591A-16ozGiemsa Stain16 ozSDS
592A-32ozGiemsa Buffer (6.8 pH) 32 oz.SDS
930E-1glHemo-De (xylene and ethyl acetate subst.) 1 gal.SDS
6185A-16ozIron Hematoxylin "A"16 oz.SDS
6185A-1glIron Hematoxylin #11 gal.SDS
6188A-16ozIron Hematoxylin "B"16 oz.SDS
6188A-1glIron Hematoxylin #21 gal.SDS
652A-16ozLugol's Iodine16 oz.SDS
9350A-1glMed Chem Clearant (Xylene Sustitute) 1 gal.SDS
733A-1glPicric Acid 0.6%1 gal.SDS
374B-1glReagent Alcohol 100%1 gal.SDS
3719A-1glReagent Alcohol 95%1 gal.SDS
3716A-1glReagent Alcohol 70%1 gal.SDS
801A-16ozSchaudinn's Fixative16 oz.SDS
601A-16ozTrichrome Blue Stain16 oz.SDS
3720A-1glTrichrome Decolorizer1 gal.SDS
602K-KitTrichrome Stain KitINQUIRE
602A-16ozWheatley's Trichrome Stain16 oz.SDS
300K-8oz (kit)Wright’s Dip Stat (3 step Giemsa Stain)8 oz.SDS
134B-16ozXylene16 oz.INQUIRE
134B-1glXylene1 gal.INQUIRE
930E-1glXylene Sub. (d-limonene)1 gal.INQUIRE
932A-16ozZinc Sulfate SG 1.1816 oz.SDS