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O & P Transport Kits

Custom kits are available. All kits are available with child resistant caps. Inquire your Sales Representative for more information.

Product #DescriptionPackagingSDS Datasheet
2801-05Cu-PVA100 vials/caseSDS
2802-05LV-PVA100 vials/caseSDS
2803-05Z-PVA (zinc sulfate modified)100 vials/caseSDS
2803A-16ozZ-PVA (zinc sulfate modified)SDS
2804-05UNIFIX100 vials/caseSDS
2805-05C & S Medium100 vials/caseSDS
310Clean Vial100 vials/caseSDS
574-05SAF100 vials/caseSDS
575A-05Formalin 10%100 vials/caseSDS
575A-16ozFormalin 10%SDS
576-05MIF100 vials/caseSDS
2 Vial Kits
890-01LV-PVA/Cleancase of 50 kits SDS
890-02LV-PVA/Formalincase of 50 kits SDS
890-04LV-PVA/C&Scase of 50 kits SDS
890-05Z-PVA®/Cleancase of 50 kits SDS
(Contains Mercury)
case of 50 kits SDS
890-07Z-PVA®/C&Scase of 50 kits SDS
890-08SAF/Cleancase of 50 kits SDS
890-09SAF/C&Scase of 50 kits SDS
890-10Cu-PVA/Formalincase of 50 kits SDS
890-17UNIFIX®/Cleancase of 50 kits SDS
890-21Formalin/C&S SDS
890-24TOTAL-FIX®/C&Scase of 50 kits SDS
890-25TOTAL-FIX®/Cleancase of 50 kits SDS
3 Vials Kits
891-01LV-PVA/Formalin/C&Scase of 36 kits SDS
891-02LV-PVA/Formalin/Cleancase of 36 kits SDS
891-03Z-PVA®/Formalin/C&Scase of 36 kits SDS
891-04Z-PVA®/Formalin/Cleancase of 36 kits SDS
891-05SAF/Clean/C&Scase of 36 kits SDS
891-17TOTAL-FIX®/C&S/Cleancase of 36 kits SDS