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Formalin Prefilled Specimen Containers & Jars

909A-1GLPlease inquire for bulk packaging catalog numbers.

Product #DescriptionSDS
Prefilled Specimen Containers
575A-1/43.5ml Formalin in 1/4oz specimen jars 100/csSDS
575A-1/2 8.0ml Formalin in 1/2oz specimen jars 50/csSDS
575A-1/2US10ml Formalin in 20ml specimen jars 128/csSDS
575A-12 ml/0.875oz12ml Formalin in 7/8 oz specimen jars 50/ csSDS
575A-15 43mm CAP15ml Formalin in one ounce size 50/csSDS
575A-2020ml Formalin in 40ml specimen jar 50/csSDS
575A-30/60 PARTER30ml Formalin in 60ml specimen jar 50/csSDS
575A-4030ml Formalin in 2oz specimen jars 50/ csSDS
575A-6060ml Formalin in 90ml specimen jars 50/csSDS
575A-9080ml Formalin in 4 oz specimen jars 50/ csSDS
575A-80 Parter80ml Formalin in 120ml specimen jar 50/csSDS
575A-90 6oz JAR90ml Formalin in 6oz specimen jar 50/csSDS
575A-125Formalin 1:10 in 8oz. specimen jars 12/csSDS
575A-250Formalin 1:10 in 16oz specimen jars 16/csSDS
575A-16 caseFormalin 1:10 in 32oz specimen jars 12/csSDS
575A-10001000ml Formalin in 64oz specimen jars 6/csSDS
575A-2L/1gl2 liter Formalin in 1 gal pail with locking lidSDS
575A-3L/2gal3 liter formalin in 2 gal pail with locking lidSDS
Zinc Formalin and Pre-Fills
909A-1GL1 gal., 4 x 1 gal.
909A-5GL5 gal. cubitainer
909A-155 gal. cubitainer
909A-305 gal. cubitainer
909A-402 oz. Jar 50 / Case
909A-904 oz. specimen Jar 50 / Case
9094A-1gl1 gal.
Empty Specimen Jars
¼ vial/cap1000 cs
½ oz jar and cap1300 cs
20ml jar and cap1000 cs
7/8 oz jar and cap1000 cs
1 oz jar and cap750 cs
40ml jar and cap600 cs
60ml jar and cap480 cs
2oz jar and cap546 cs
90ml jar and cap400 cs
120ml jar and cap300 cs
4oz jar and cap370 cs
6oz jar and cap270 cs
8oz jar and cap168 cs
16oz jar and cap112 cs
32oz jar and cap100 cs
575A-2L1 gal pail with locking lidSDS
575A-3L2 gal pail with locking lidSDS