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1. Add 8-10 drops of surfactant to specimen vial, cap securely and shake or vortex.

2. Insert Par-Sed™ filtration into specimen vial. Invert complete device and tap on counter top to facilitate filtering.

3. Unscrew Para-Sed™ device from 50 ml centrifuge tube.

4. Add saline or 10% formalin to red fill line on the 50 ml centrifuge tube, then add ~5 ml of ethyl acetate. Attach screw cap to the tube and vigorously shake.

5. Centrifuge for 10 minutes at 500 xg.

6. Invert tube to pour off supernatent and debris layer. Ring inside of tube with cotton applicator stick.

7. Re-suspend pellet with a few drops of saline or formalin and examine under a microscope.