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New Product announcement – we now have paraffin

Paraffin, MP 56 – 58 °C6990A-8kgParaffin (56o – 58oC )8 x 1kg bags per caseSDS

Prostate Biopsy Kits

Our 20, 40 and 60ml prefilled jars now have double click seal caps…90 and 120ml click seal jars/caps available soon! 10% Formalin or Zinc FormalinEACH KIT INCLUDES:6, 8 or 12, 14,…

Revised – new single spin processing procedure for Total-Fix

Total-Fix® Parasitology - Stool Fixative Patent No. 8,338,130 Click here to download pictures of Trichrome stained Total-Fix preserved organisms (14.6 MB) A Proprietary Formulation No Formalin No Mercury No PVA…