Revised – new single spin processing procedure for Total-Fix

Total-Fix® Parasitology – Stool Fixative

Patent No. 8,338,130

Click here to download pictures of Trichrome stained Total-Fix preserved organisms (14.6 MB)

  • A Proprietary Formulation
  • No Formalin
  • No Mercury
  • No PVA
  • Perform Direct Exams
  • Perform Concentrations
  • Perform Giardia and Cryptosporidium DFA
  • Perform Permanent Stains (Trichrome and Iron Hematoxylin)
  • Perform Giardia EIA (Microwell and “Card Assays”)
  • Perform Cryptosporidium EIA (Microwell and “Card Assays”)
  • Preserves molecular material for PCR assays

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