Medical Chemical Corporation manufactures 2 hand sanitizers.  Medi-Fect-Fect hand sanitizing gel (70% alcohol) and Medi-Fect-Fect hand sanitizing spray (WHO formulation).  Solucide our Hard Surface disinfectant spray is effective against the Covid-19 virus.

PARA-TECT™ Cryptosporidium/ Giardia DFA 75Test Kit

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We carry and distribute QC organisms from Microbiologics.  Please click on the logo below to view the list of organisms available which are listed on their website.  Please contact us if you have any questions

Medical Chemical Corporation is pleased to announce their Xylene Substitute… Med-Chem Clearant (item#9350A-1gl) Replaces xylene in staining procedures for both pathology and parasitology. Also can replace ethyl acetate in stool concentrations.
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Revised - new single spin processing procedure for Total-Fix

Total-Fix® Parasitology - Stool Fixative
Patent No. 8,338,130
Click here to download pictures of Trichrome stained Total-Fix preserved organisms (14.6 MB)

  • A Proprietary Formulation
  • No Formalin
  • No Mercury
  • No PVA
  • Perform Direct Exams
  • Perform Concentrations
  • Perform Giardia and Cryptosporidium DFA
  • Perform Permanent Stains (Trichrome and Iron Hematoxylin)
  • Perform Giardia EIA (Microwell and “Card Assays”)
  • Perform Cryptosporidium EIA (Microwell and “Card Assays”)
  • Preserves molecular material for PCR assays

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Our 20, 40 and 60ml prefilled jars now have double click seal caps…90 and 120ml click seal jars/caps available soon! 

Prostate Biopsy Kits
10% Formalin or Zinc Formalin

Special Stain Kits
Diagnosis and Detection Systems
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